Gold Coast’s favourite hair studio – Jásztáv, offers you expert advice and services at affordable prices to ensure we are assisting you with keeping up with your hair needs.

You need a hairdresser who follows the state-of-the-art practices, who works with passion and expertise to take care of your hair’s health and beauty, all whilst knowing what really fits your hair and your style.

An amazing salon on the Gold Coast that specialises in colouring and foil work. We absolutely love what we do… and this is clear in our work.


Services Available

  • Colour & Foils
  • Balayage, Ombre & Sombre
  • Trim & Style Cuts
  • Treatments
  • Mens & Kids Cuts
  • Hair Styling
  • Extensions

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Hair Colouring & Foils

When it comes to changing your colour, you need a cool, calm and collected stylist with a fine eye for style and colour. Whether you’re in the mood to try the latest trend or dyeing your hair has become a permanent fixture in your hair journey, we are here to leave you looking as fabulous as ever.

Types of colouring we offer:

  • Temporary
  • Re-Growth and Root colour
  • Highlights, textured highlights, babylight and baby blonde highlights
  • Splashlights and Slices

Balayage, Ombre and Sombre

Balayage is a French word that means to sweep or paint; it’s a highlighting technique.

Ombré means to shadow, and it’s a seamless gradiation from darker to lighter. People do get confused by the two, but you can also combine them in a merged technique which can be very pretty.

Sombré is a much softer version of ombré and is still popular, especially with the charcoal grey trend.

Remember, Balayage is an art – so choose your hair professional wisely.

Trims and Style Cuts

Jásztáv is known for keeping up with the most popular trends as well mastering the classic bobs and pixie cut, long styles with layers and more.

How often do you really need a haircut?

  • If you have a short, structured cut, we recommend between every three and seven weeks. Frequent trims are a must to maintain your style and shape, however if you’re more lax, then can stretch that to five to seven weeks.
  • If you have healthy medium to long hair, then coming in once every three months suffice, to dust the ends and touchup layers.
  • If your hair is damaged or more prone to split ends, or you have a lot of chemical treatments done, coming in to Jásztáv every two months will help keep your hair healthy.

Cuts can be teamed with another service for the full salon experience, or you can enjoy a trim and dry cut ready to walk out the door looking fabulous.


Try our Keratin smoothing treatment, it will honestly make your hair substantially more manageable! This is a treatment that will change the way you perceive your hair.

Advantages of the Keratin treatment:

  • Smooth out hair that usually takes ages to straighten or blow dry and cut down on time!
  • Get rid of the frizz, tangled and knotty hair, make it smooth, soft and straight.
  • Help keep humidity out of your hair, so you get more days out of your styling.
  • Treatment lasts 3 – 6 months, imagine waking up every morning and only having to spend a couple of minutes styling your hair and look amazing!

Men’s and Kid’s Cuts & Styling

Jásztáv has great expertise and a perfect understanding of what suits a male face shape and hair with haircut and style advice and the technical ability for precision cuts.

Our qualified Barber has international experience and can offer all barbering and beard maintenance / styling services. Popular Men’s cuts include:

  • Messy textured hairstyles
  • Spiky haircuts
  • Crop haircut styles
  • Long fringes
  • Haircuts with lots of longer natural flow and movement

Kids and Parents will all feel comfortable in our salon environment with our child friendly, tender approach. Toddlers to teens can receive a new cut and style to suit them and when it is time to go, be ready for the question “when can we come back”?.

Hair Styling

How different should a hairdresser salon be from a spa? There is no difference for us, we want you to relax whilst we create. The result will be printed on your smile, ready for your casual event, or the classic styling you have craved for your wedding day!

Styles include:

  • Ponytails: If you are satisfied with the length of your hair but don’t want it falling onto your face, Pony tails are a good option for straight, messy or even sleek hair.
  • Loose bun is perfect for any occasion. For wedding days, simply pop the comb of your veil under your top knot and you’re ready to walk down the aisle.
  • Bun is a signature style and by just adding braids and twists it can give you different looks. Buns can come in all different styles from your classic sleek to messy loose, low or high.
  • Braids can be beautiful in so many ways, with side braids, inside braids, fishtail braids or teamed with a bun. Pop in to have your hair done for a special event or just to get out of your face when playing sports or heading to a festival.

Do you have a style in mind? Bring us a picture or email now and let us help you recreate your favourite styles.


When it comes to natural-looking, perfectly colour-matched hair extensions, it is important to count on an experienced stylist with vision and a versatile approach.

Our professionals are remarkable skilful to create both classic and greatly innovative looks, with the use of the most superior quality J’adore Russian extensions.

Why extensions?

  • Increase thickness to thin hair
  • Add more length to existing long hair
  • Full restyle to blend out short hair, or blending out around the face if you have had layers or fringes
  • Fix colour changing without using hair colour or bleach

Our hair extensions look completely natural. We have a great colour range to match with foils and block colours.

We are situated in a central Gold Coast location, making it easy and convenient for your travel. We have a fresh, vibrant, modern salon with a friendly, beautiful atmosphere ready for you to come in and enjoy your full hair experience.